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Atrrato river
Fotografía: Waosolo

We are the Collegiate Body of Guardians of the Atrato, constituted to exercise the legal representation of the Atrato River by the riparian communities, in accordance with the Ruling T-622 which declares it a Subject of Rights. We are the spokespersons for the river.

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THe atrato river has rights

In 2016, for the first time in Colombia and thanks to the hard work of the Atrato communities, the Constitutional Court recognized the Atrato river and its basin as a subject of rights by means of the Ruling T-622. This ruling sets an important precedent, as it understands the Atrato as a living entity that supports other forms of life and culture.

Ruling T-622
Atrato communities unite
Fotografía: Steve Cagan
Atrato has the right to be protected

As a Collegiate Body of Guardians, we undertake processes of pedagogy, culture, awareness and dissemination of the Ruling, as well as processes of advocacy with decision makers and other stakeholders. Get to know our work.

Atrato river has the right to be maintained

Majestuoso río Atrato
tú que has soportado tanto
bríndale a tus hijos valor
pa´ seguir luchando

Here you will find the main news about The Collegiate Body of Guardians and the 2016 Ruling T-622 of the Atrato.

Atrato river has the right to be restored

Atrato querido,
es hora de revivir
Para que tus hijos te ayuden a subsistir
Limpiando tus afluentes
Tu corazón latirá
Porque ellos son tus venas
Y tu cuerpo aclará

Copla - Ana Manza

Atraato communities
Fotografía: Steve Cagan

The Atrato crosses much of the Biogeographic Chocó, the second most biodiverse region on the planet and covers more than 60% of the department of Chocó. It is one of the richest territories in natural, ethnic and cultural diversity in Colombia.

Atrato river has the right to be conserved

Bastante les informé
y así pasamos un buen rato
de viva voz yo les pido
un buen trato pa´l Atrato. Guardian del Atrato: Alexander Rodríguez Mena

Since the recognition of the Atrato as a subject of rights, books, research, essays, stories, verses and couplets have been published on its biocultural richness.

Majestic Atrato
THe atrato river has rights


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